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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> yes. >> okay. >> it was presented. >> got it. >> thank you. >> and for the next plans to review session if >> it will be approximately, june, i don't have the specific date, but the second quarter would be i am sorry, it would be in june. june. >> okay. it has not been too long for a year so i i am happy to go to the next one. i know that we have been rotating. >> i have not been to one period. >> do you want to go to the one in june? >> you should go. and i will go to the one after. >> yeah. >> okay. thank you. >> okay. >> please call line item 3 fw,. >> occ's director's report and discussion, and review of recent activities. >> good evening, president mazzucco and members of the audience, this week at the
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invitation of the police department, i also met with the commission and delegation, i went as well as my acting deputy director, batazar and i presented on the functions of the office of citizen complaints and civilian oversight generally. and they had many questions about how it operates, whether i had independence and how civilians could evaluate the conduct of police officers. and there was not enough time, as always, when we have translaters, you know, it takes twice as long, and the department has suffered from a fire in the elevator. so, it was a challenging day, i think for the training that the delegation was very interested in what we had to say and so it was quite enjoyable. >> and for next week, i will be
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presenting the occ's 2012, annual report. >> great. >> thanks very much, director. >> any questions for director hick? s >> please call line item 3 c. >> commission reports, discussion, commission president's report, and commissioners reports. >> i want to report just briefly, a lot of what the officers do is customer service and some officers from northern station, and the tender loin task force did that yesterday on behalf of one of my neighbors who seemed like small things but their car was stolen, the older car and within six hours the car was recovered, and the neighbors quite happy with the way that the officers treated her and they returned the car and the car was being used to do a drug deal in the tender loin. again, when the people come to me and say that the officers were great and professional and they were impressed by them. i want to thank those officers from the tender loin traffic force in the northern station because that is what me do and
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it is customer service, sergeant ryan and holder, they get it and understand t and i want to thank them on the record for what they did. >> commissioners? >> just one quick question. i know that we got an e-mail on it, where is the graduation? what time? >> friday. >> friday, at 6:00 p.m. >> 6:00. >> at scottish right. 19th and slope. >> thank you. >> anything further? commissioner chan? >> the fact that i did attend the city-wide cpap committee meeting which is the police advisory board and basically you guys all know from the committee meetings that we hold at the end of the month there is one for each station and i work closely with the captain and members of the station to address any public safety concerns that they have, it is a great policing model and it is good to know that the members of the committee from each station basically come together and they have monthly meetings and the chief came by
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and they were excited to see the chief and talk to the chief about their ideas and they want to rewrite some of the guide ins, the guidelines are quite trick and narrow and the chief let him be creative and be ininclusive. >> they also shared with what they are doing and they are addressing a lot of issue and a debrief. they are addressing bicycle thief by having the people register the bikes so if they are stolen, they be find who they belong to. >> a lot of discussion about pedestrian safety, with the pedestrians and bicyclist and cars, what we can do about that and so they are a good partner to work it if we are concerned about the pedestrian safety and we also had the dc baoel there and talked about passing out arm bands to the people at the trade office festival for pedestrian to wear the reflective arm bands, i believe that it was the pacific that
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raised the money and they had a line of people wanting those arm bands and that is good to know that there is simple that you can do for the pedestrian safety. they also talked about putting together the presentation for the bar owners, particularly on the pope street corridor and the people on the broad way also had a lot to say about the continuing concerns about the bars letting out and the discussion about letting bars at left times so that it is staggered. and then last week, potentially having a summit and i don't know if they want to have one this year, we should try to support it and try to attend and then their next meeting i believe is june third, and is their next meeting june third and they are skipping the may meeting and having the next meeting on june third and anyone from the commission wants to go you should feel free, it is at the safe office and it is usually at 6:00 p.m. and they lit up when they saw the chief and i came in, these are people who are just community members and you know, neighbors who are putting in a
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lot of their volunteer time to address the public safety issues. >> thank you for attending, i appreciate that commissioner chan. >> sure. >> anything else? >> call line item 3 d. >> commission announcement and scheduling of items identified for consideration at future commission meetings. >> any announcements? >> there is five wednesday in may and so we will have four commission meetings, three here at city hall on the 8th and the 22nd, we will be dark on the 15th and have committee meeting in the eagle side. captain was not available for (inaudible). and so captain (inaudible) will be accepted in every location to be determined. >> so we get to return to captain falsy, that is great. super. >> commissioners, any other announcements or items that you would like to identify? >> commissioner kingsley? >> i spoke to the chief regarding pedestrian safety, commissioners, and we all know
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that there is a problem in san francisco, regarding pedestrian safety. i think that rather telling is homicide to date are 12, yet pedestrian deaths are at least 20. and that is rather startling. at least that was a statistic that i had read recently around this. and i see some frowns. >> i think that was for last year. >> okay, thank you for clarifying that. and nonetheless, we all recognize that there is an issue. i think that we are about third in place behind new york and los angeles in terms of our statistics. a few weeks ago. mayor lee came out, and layed out his plan with some goals over the next many years, and included infrastructure changes to ramps and curves and streets and so on. i think that the department, near we need to do whatever we
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can do in terms of meeting those goals and improving pedestrian safety. so you know, i propose that we have a presentation from the department, showing you know, what, so we can discuss what the policies and practices are. and that relate to the pedestrian safety. and citations and charging. and the pedestrian injuries, are involved. and also, what kind of statistics we are keeping and how can we track this better. and you know, is there anything that we can do, you know? in the department that we are not already doing? >> to support, you know, city-wide goals in terms of improving, pedestrian safety. and so, i propose that we find a date for this. and get it calendared. chief, would... how much time? >> maybe 30 days? >> 30 days?
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>> pardon? >> 30 days. that is fine. what date inspector would that be? >> june 5th. >> june 5th in >> does that work? >> the chief is nodding. >> thank you, chief. >> sure. >> just a suggestion, commissioner kingsley. it would help to talk with the cpabs and it is safe, and in room 125 and they have been coordinating the meetings and i really heard a lot of good ideas and there is a lot of work being done and the department works hand in hand and it will be useful before the june 6th hearing to indict them or to talk with them beforehand. >> can we make sure that they especially get noticed and they are invited inspector?
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>> absolutely. >> great. >> any further announcements? >> public comment with reference for line items 3 a, b, cd. >> ray hart, and this is a general comment relating to all of the reports that were given today and are typically given at these meetings. one of the things that i do is when i am not here at the actual meeting, and in physical attendance, i watch the meeting on sfgtv. and one of the patterns that i noticed for a long time is that apparently it is never anything that the public says that is worthy of your consideration. the only comments that are ever made in response to a public comment are somebody saying, it is not true. or giving some sort of a justification why the person is wrong. i served for four years on an elected position in the city
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and county of honolulu that the citizens would bring things up that were worthy of discussion and we would discuss it at the time or we would agendaize it so it will be discussed in the future. san francisco has 750,000 or more people in it and i find it hard to believe that there are not people in this city who would come to these meetings and offer you suggests that would be worth your discussion. but from what i see in these public meetings they never seem to be. and never agendaized or brought up later and as a said earlier, any comment that is made is made to genograte the person in the sense of saying that you don't know what you are talking about. you can't say we want public comment and then set the physical example of ignoring everything someone says. never responding to what they say. and even going to the other
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extreme which is denying that what they said was correct. it shows a lack of respect. i think that every board and commission in this city, if you are serious about wanting public comment, you make it welcome. and you make an effort to utilize it. to respond to it, to discuss it, to do something with it rather than sitting there with your eyes down to the desk, making it very apparent that whatever i'm doing down here is much more important than what you a member of public has to say. >> this is not something that i say, only to this board, but this is one that i will be honest with you that i have had the most problems with. having to take you to the sunshine ordinance task force on 6 different occasions, and whether it is the department, or the commission itself, getting determinations and having you ignore those determinations even though all of those determinations says is here is the law, and you are
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not following it. i think that it is pretty clear, when the public par participates you really don't care enough to actually do anything with what they say. >> next speaker? >> hello, again, i'm tom and just a follow up on that, it is not just the public suggestions that are ignored, it is actually (inaudible) by the controller's office and they hired a consultant 32 years ago to investigate the control special officer shananagans that have gone on and you have done zero on that for 32 months other than to delay, put it off and put it off and put it off some more, you have done zero and very courteous to me, but you have done zero, you victimize innocent people in the neighborhoods that happen
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to be formally represented by friends of the chief and the first amendment free neighborhoods that don't have to tolerate no sticken free speech and descending views because they have their special, private pay to play police force that will remove anyone that they don't care for and on their dime. it is a private police force and you let it remain in effect since you got the controller's report on august 27, 2010. you have lost several commissioners since then and have not done squat. waiting, thank you. >> any further public comment >> hearing done, public comment is closed. call the next item. >> presentation of the patrol special officers compliance report discussion. officer chang? >> i will just give a little background on this and thank you for the sheriff for being
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here and i know that you are doing this temporarily. and so i met with sergeant kim who was the previous sfpd liaison and i also invited allen baird who and we had a good meeting and went through all of the different compliance needs that she is reporting and to submit a lot of paperwork and the client list and whether or not they have cleared the range, etc.. and there is basically a spotty paperwork. and that is being submitted and i put it in a lot of deadlines for them to submit this and ask for the report back on where they are and the officer has a sense of where they are and what needs to be done and my understanding is that there is going to be a permanent liaison to patrol special that will be, it will return. >> it will return to two. >> and it will be assisting and working together to try to audit the number of things that we have going on. >> and we will likely ask the
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lieutenant when she gets settled in to give us a follow up report and any questions that you have we can take down and follow up in the future presentation. great. >> thank you. >> and welcome. >> thank you. >> appreciate you, and president mazzucco and commissioners, and director hicks. yeah, as commissioner chan said that i am the keeper of the files for the time being, but so far of 25, i am auditing and going through a number of them. most of them have complied. so far they all went through the hand gun qualification, but we had, well, sergeant jim had five no show and actually there is only one no show and he had a old list and so that contact will be made which i will be doing tomorrow about contacting that and they need to seize and desist.
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we also received one assistant patrol special application and we are in the process of auditing that. and there is some non-compliance issues with that application that needs to go back and resubmit the application because there are a few things lacking. a number of things that they had suggested a while back, and the patrol specialists have to go through the advance officer training and so, every year, they were given one week. to do that. and the issue was some of them have to work the evening and then show up at 8:00 in the morning, and then go through this training for a couple of days and really put and it taxed them and tried for you to continue the business. so the academy staff was gracious enough to host two weeks in august separate bid one week, so that they can pick and choose so as to interfere with their sleep patterns or
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work schedules and we were able to accommodate them and the academy was gracious enough to set aside the two weeks in october. >> and other than that, we are still continuing, in this file. most of them have complied and they will send in certain items but i can't give a complete, and accurate picture as of yet. >> great, officer chang, i am glad that you are doing this and i know that we spoke earlier today about the specialist who did not qualify, and should not be carrying a firearm and should be addressed tomorrow. >> right. >> we will do that with the city attorney. >> with reference to the compliance, it means the certificates and proof of insurance, correct? >> right. >> and what we do in terms of compliance and i know that you are new at this. about wearing the appropriate uniform and making sure that the cars are appropriately equipped. >> they have been made aware of and reissued and the outline of what is expected of them and how they should dress and what they should wear and the vehicles should look like.
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and as far as i know, all of them have complied, and the station has continuous sign in sheets and they have been compliant on that. >> and the station where they are actually monitoring the uniforms that they are wearing once they get on the street. no one has reported back that they are out of compliance. and they can do the checks and balances. that the street and not wearing their uniform. >> one of the issues is that one of these guys would adjust the schedules and go out and kind of delay, the check of to see and if they are not compliant. and if they are working a night shift and day shift. so we would get to that and make sure that they are in compliance. >> again, just for the public, the concern is that the uniform is similar to the san francisco police department and in fact people get confused and there are measures that we have taken with our proposed changes and
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1030 rules that we would address that and we would strike down the pants and the citizen is going to be confused. >> great. >> commissioners? >> michael? >> just to let the public know. it is the way that the rule changes are, they are uniform, you should be able to definitely tell that they are not a san francisco police officer. >> and identifiable. >> and my initiated perhaps. some people may be confused because some people just see blue and they see them and sometimes they don't always read, the walk around top of it and they don't understand it and it is a similar looking uniform. but, you would have to look a little bit closer. but, you know, for the most part, it is distinguishing star, and the blue, and the stripe. you know? >> and it is distinguishable, and the people can't tell and that would be, the mean that it would be nice to hear that also. but, we should really, you know, if that is the case, we should make the people aware of the distinguishing characteristics of the uniform that might help also.
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>> yeah, correct, i agree. >> yeah. >> commissioner kim? >> i want to thank you, very much for the report. and it is good to hear that looks like compliance is up. i am wondering if a has that change, have we had the seamless improvement in the last month, because about a month ago, sergeant kim there was in the a lot but there was definitely spotty compliance when it came to proof of insurance with client lists and with the hand gun qualification.. >> yes, so, no, i don't know where he stood when he spoke with you a month ago. but from what i have seen, some have been trickled in and so again, until i do or we do a complete audit and i know that where we stand as to who is missing what items i can't really get an accurate picture but from what i have seen, one are two items come in and the people are compliance but i have for the done a complete audit to where we stand. >> i suggest that we set this back on the calendar in june to
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see where it is, and give them some time to transition in and also to do at least the beginning of an audit to see where we are. from sergeant kim's summary, there seems to be that there is spotty compliance and i hope that some of the increased compliance is the conversation that we had with mr. ballard. and so i am looking at june, it could be june 12th? the second week of june. is that okay? is that a busy meeting or we are okay? >> june 12th? to come back and officer, you are always welcome but you don't have to. >> no worries. >> thank you for doing it tonight. >> you are welcome. >> is that a motion? >> could i ask a question? >> a sense of the members and how many people? >> 25. >> so, are we at a place where we can have the names of the folks that are not complying? what they are not complying with or just a general report?
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>> yeah... >> no, how many categories are we talking about? uniform, insurance? >> and carry arm, firearm carry, range. make sure that their education is up to snuff. four or five categories. >> we could, i am asking you commissioner chan, the chart. >> okay. >> the categories and... >> we will see where they are at. and really without that kind of information we cannot. >> we don't want anybody backing you on that brace. >> we will be able to produce that in a amount of time >> we are not allowed to publicly expose the names of the people, we just have a, b, c to stand in and keep at it. but we do want to send those five people who have not submitted this, just a way of a hold on what is happening.
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>> list of the names and not covered, well, you can see that you can proceed to do, you have a, b, and c, and at some point we want to ask them about what those are or we are going to see them later when they are brought up on something. to me it is a chance to be proactive rather than reactive. but i will leave it up to you. >> whatever the city attorney allows. >> i think that it would be public information but i will work with the department to put together a chart meets what the commission is looking for. >> any public comment on-line item number four? >> it is me, again, so i take it that it has been more than 32 months, the controller told you that you should put them out of business has been 15 or 20 or 30, i don't know, do you know how long it has been since they have been playing cat and
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mouse is and not following the rules, they are the people that are supposed to be enforcing the law and you cannot even get to follow the regulations when you asked them if they are complying or uniforms are being loaded. i have not heard any complaints that does not answer your question. the question is you are getting full compliance which he says one or four criteria, it should not be one or four or five, it should be what it is. i think that it is more than five, but you fact that he is not sure. and he is going by surmising the lack of a complaint, this is not efficient authoritative regulation of the people with police power who are paid to do police work for their clients. and supposedly are under your authority. 32 months-plus. and you still can't get these cats into a line up.
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thank you. >> any further public comment? >> you know, with representative parole specialists,... they are governed by a charter amendment, it can only be amended by an election. so you know, it is what we have done, is quite frankly, is they are in compliance more so than when we first started this endeavor, there are fewer of them and they were on top of their beats and we are getting records about insurance. and we are making sure that they comply with qualification and range. and we are doing all that we can they do not, we repeat, that they do not have peace officer powers. they are security guards. and they are regulated appropriately in that manner. and so, we cannot do anything absent a charter amendment and what we do and what we can do, we are doing. and it is much better than it
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has been in years past. >> if i could add. i think that i have heard this phrase, sometimes. the commission cannot put the parole specials out of business, only the citizens of san francisco can put them out of business, we have got a report that says that the strengths and liabilities and the concerns, but we cannot again, put the patrol specialist out of business it would take a charter amendment for that conversation to be taken to the citizens of san francisco and not the police commission. >> thank you. any further public xhebt. >> closed. >> call the next line item. >> 5, public comment on all matters pertaining to item 7 below. closed session. including the public comment on vote whether to hold item 7 in closed session. >> any public comment on the closed session matters where we review confidential litigation, related matters and personnel matters? hearing none, the public comment is closed hear the next
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line item. >> 6, vote on whether to hold item 7 in closed session. action. >> so moved. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> i mean, this is, four or five? >> four. >> the fifth. >> yeah. four or five. >> we are back, in open session. mr. president, and we have a quorum. >> thank you, do i have a motion with reference to disclosure regarding the closed session matters? >> i move to not close >> all in favor? >> aye. >> the last line item. >> item nine, adjournment. >> do i have a motion? >> motion. >> second. >> all in favor, aye. >> thank you very much. commissioners. >> thank you.
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>> good morning and welcome to the san francisco county, transportation authority, my name is john avalos, the chair of the transportation authority, the clerk of the board is erica chang and we are brought to you by the sfgtv staff, madam clerk, could you call the roll? >> roll call, avalos? >> present. >> breed? >> present. >> campos? >> present. >> chiu? >> present. >> cohen. >> present. >> farrell? >> present. >> kim? >> kim, present.
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>> commissioner mar? >> mar, absent. >> tang in present. >> weiner? >> absent. >> yee, absent, we have a quorum. >> very good, could you call the next item. >> approval of the minutes of the march 26, 2013 meeting this is an action item. >> any comments or questions on the minutes, we will go to public comment, two minutes and seeing none, for public comment, we will close public comment. >> and item number two, commission avalos? >> aye. >> breed? >> aye. >> campos. >> aye. >> chiu. >> aye. >> cohen aye. >> ferrill. >> aye. >> kim? >> aye. >> mar? >> mar, absent. >> and commissioner tang in >> aye. >> weiner >> aye. >> yee, yee absent. item passes. >> very good. our next item please. >> three, c